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The Edith L. Stunkel Good Government Award


The Edith L. Stunkel Good Government Award honors the efforts of long-time League member and public servant Edith Stunkel, who worked tirelessly to involve citizens in all levels of government. During her service as a city commissioner and throughout her life, Ms. Stunkel championed the value of informed citizenship, actively encouraged public input and citizen participation in public policy decisions and worked for transparency in government.

Who is Eligible
The nominee must be a current resident of Riley County over age 18 who has devoted considerable time and energy to successfully promoting better government and whose leadership has advanced human dignity or improved the quality of life for the community. The nominee should be an individual who has shown creativity, persistence, and overall leadership, which has expanded our understanding and awareness of the importance of good citizenship, good government and our sense of community.

The individual - whether an elected or appointed official or volunteer - typically is noted for writing, speaking, organizing support for government or advising on effective ways to deliver services to the public. This could be accomplished in a variety of ways such as attempting to increase citizen participation in government; educating the public about an issue; working towards more open government; or involvement in ways that represent principles leading to better decision-making.

Current members of the League of Women Voters Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated.

2013 Award Presentation

The 2013 Winner of the Edith L. Stunkel Good Government Award was presented on Sunday, September 15, to City Commissioner,
Karen McCulloh. Her decades long advocacy for the citizens of Riley County and Manhattan is greatly appreciated.

Nominations are invited. Download the nomination form (see link above), or you may simply send a Word document, making sure all of the information asked for in the nomination form is included.

Previous Award Recipients

Presented in February 2011 -- Anne Smith
received the award in recognition of her exemplary management of the Flint Hills Area Transportation Agency and her commitment to bringing public transit to Manhattan/Riley county.

Presented in June 2009 -- Debbie Nuss was recognized for her civic activism and leadership.

Presented in June 2008 -- Stephanie Rolley was recognized for her leadership, courage, and adherence to good government practices during her tenure as Chair of the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board.

Presented in May 2007 -- James Butler was recognized for his advocacy for civil rights, equal opportunity and and racial equality.

Presented in April 2006 -- Christopher Renner was recognized for his advocacy for civil rights particularly in regard to homosexuals, cultural harmony, and gender equality.

Presented in April 2005 -- James Sherow was recognized for his work in the area of preservation, affordable family housing and neighborhood rezoning.

Presented in January 2004 -- Mary Don Peterson, then President of the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, was recognized for her efforts toward enacting zoning ordinances such as the Traditional Neighborhood Overlay and Multi-Family Redevelopment Overlay for older, traditional neighborhoods.

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Stella Harriss Scholarship


The Stella Harriss Scholarship is awarded annually each spring to a continuing education student at an accredited university, technical college or other learning institution. The League appoints a special committee to screen applicants.

The Stella Harriss Scholarship honors the memory of League member and education champion Stella Harriss, who was a chemistry professor at K-State for 36 years. From 1908 to 1915 she was an elementary principal in Fairbury, Neb. She received a Bachelor of Science (1917) and Master of Science (1919)in chemistry, foods and nutrition from Kansas State University. Harriss joined the K-State faculty in 1917 as a chemistry fellow. She became an instructor in 1918 and an assistant professor of chemistry in 1927. Harriss studied vitamin content of baby foods. Data for her doctoral research, "Resolution of Erythro Dihydroxy Butyric Acid," was lost in the fire that destroyed Denison Hall in 1934. Harriss retired in 1953 and lived in Manhattan to age 103. Her bequest initiated the League's scholarship.

2012-2013 Scholarship Recipient
The Stella Harriss Scholarship recipient for this year is Angel Alvarado, a junior at K-State majoring in Construction Science. She is married and has four children. Angel lives in Westmoreland because her family finds living in Manhattan to be too expensive.

2011-2012 Scholarship Recipient
Orendrea Renee Carter is the winner of the Stella Harriss Scholarship for the fall semester 2011-2012. Orendrea is a 44-year-old African-American divorced woman who has one son who graduated from college last year. She is a junior in Public Health Nutrition at Kansas State University, and her goal is to obtain a masters degree in public health. She would like to develop and implement programs pertaining to overall health in non-traditional home health care facilities, do private counseling, and work through local health departments. She believes that better nutritional awareness can help people to lead a healthy life with preventive maintenance.

Guide to Government
The league periodically publishes a directory with contact information for elected officials. It is available as a downloadable PDF or in print. Please SEND AN E-MAIL to obtain a printed directory.

DOWNLOAD GUIDE TO GOVERNMENT (PDF) – the League's comprehensive directory

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