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The League of Women Voters at all levels -- local, state, and national -- is dedicated to promoting informed and active citizen participation in government, and to promoting government that is open and responsive to citizens.

Please note that we are in the process of updating our website. You may find our most current information at our blogsite, or on Facebook.

If you want to be active in issues affecting the community, the state, and the nation, or just well-informed -- you've come to the right place, the League of Women Voters.

The LWV studies local, state, and national issues and then takes action based on the positions we adopt. We also help to inform the public about issues, governmental policies, and elections. The League is nonpartisan and does not support political parties or candidates.

In the last year, the local League has been actively involved in local issues, the preservation of Peace Memorial Auditorium, a Living Wage, public transportation, and public health. We observe local governmental boards and report results on our blog. We are actively working to protect the vote by informing and registering voters. We sponsor candidate forums and informational issue meetings. All are free and open to the public.  

The LWV of Manhattan/Riley County honors individuals who have made significant contributions to our community, and we also offer an annual scholarship. Our Guide to Government offers citizens vital information about local government. (For information about these activities, click on the Projects button at left.)

Along with League members across the nation, we are supporting the Voting Rights Act and Health Care Reform. Please see our national website, www.lwv.org for the full text of our positions. At the national convention in June 2014, delegates adopted positions against human trafficking, urging campaign financing reform, and fighting climate change.

At the state level, we are studying "Fracking, Water, and the Future" as well as standing positions on protecting the vote.

For information about the State League and our positions, click LWVK.

Join a group that is working on one or more of these studies or projects. You will have the fun of interesting discussions with other League members and friends. Please join us in our important work.

LWV MRC Blog Features News
and Observer Reports

Check out our
In our on-going efforts to make information available in a timely manner to our members, the Manhattan/Riley County League has begun a blog where our observers post their reports as soon as they write them. LWV MRC members can subscribe to receive the postings as e-mail messages on the blogsite at www.lwvmanhattanks.blogspot.com

In addition, the blog provides the opportunity for its members to comment on the content of the reports, share additional information, and keep each other up-to-date about developments. The Board hopes this becomes a new means of communication between our members. Please take a moment to visit the site and become a member today of our blog.





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